Interview With the Kids

We leave for Bangalore in less than two weeks for our previsit. I thought it would be interesting to ask the kids a few questions now and then again after our trip to compare the answers. Plus, our most asked question is, “What do the kids think about moving to India?”

What do you think the people wear?

Craig (10 years): Poor people will wear ripped up clothes. In Bollywood dancing they have colourful and light baggy pants. And also to dress up for their dancing they might put a colourful dot on their mid forehead.

Alanna (11 years): The ladies wear sari’s and the boys wear the trousers and the long jacket and of course the turban.

What will the food be like? Do you think you will like it?

C: From my experience all the Indian food that I’ve had is spicy and tasty. Some Indian food I eat would be samosas, butter chicken and curries.

A: I think that the food will be spicy and tasty and I will like it. I will eat all the butter chicken there is.

How do you feel about going there to live?

C: The reason I don’t want to go is because I have to leave all my friends and I’ll have to make new friends there. And the positives are the food, maybe the sports and the whole culture.

A: That would be fine with me except I will miss everybody.

What do you think most people’s home will be like?

C: I think most people’s home will probably be not as nice as other people’s in the world. Most parts of India are poor. Their homes might be made out of straw and inside would be maybe a log for a seat and a few shelves and a bed.

A: I think that a lot of people will have tiny homes and that richer people will have northern sized homes. I think the tiny homes will be one room little huts made of clay.

Are you worried about anything?

C: Leaving my friends and making new friends and we might get a disease even though we got shots.

A: Bugs, I hate bugs.

What are you looking forward to?

C: The food, the sports, the culture.

A: Cheap books, clothes and good food.

What do you think your school will be like?

C: My school will probably give me a good education but I’m not sure what it will look like.

A: Different but they will speak English.

What do you think Bangalore will look like?

C: I think that my house will look very nice and Bangalore might look something like China, such as lots of smoking and bike riding and tons of traffic.

A: the way I imagine it there are buildings on either side of the road but on the sidewalk there are palm trees, people and little shops.


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