Last Minute Ups and Downs

We leave in a few days and I’ve been busy starting to pack and reading up on Bangalore this week. A few ups and downs as Michael’s work meetings have been cancelled and we weren’t sure if the length of our trip (or the whole trip)would be affected. Normally the previsits are only one week but we booked two because Michael had to work the second week. But it looks like we are good to go for both weeks and he will arrange some meetings on his own.

Last night I realized that I had booked school appointments but left out the top school. So spent the evening arranging a meeting with them and today trying to switch the other. Logistics – once we got out the map and saw the distances and where each is I think we also picked the hotel furthest from them all.

Our hotel looks gorgeous, lots of character etc. But the rooms are so small – I think 350 sq. ft. – and only one bed! They will provide 2 cots which I guess will take up the rest of the room. Two weeks…

Reading up on Bangalore also made me wonder if this is the place to go for a cultural experience. The guide book describes the city as trendy, with boutiques, coffee shops and 200 pubs! Of course it is the IT hub so I guess with that comes western ways. I guess we may be happy to have a “fine balance” – cows in the streets, poverty, autorickshaws, traffic and noise mixed with the new. I can’t wait to see it all for myself!


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