First Days in Bangalore

We are in Bangalore. Arrived at 1:30am after being in transit almost 24hrs. Got picked up at the airport by our driver, Garish. It was so quiet at that time, no people on the streets, no traffic. Got to the hotel and to bed by 3:30.

Woke at 7:00am and had an excellent breakfast buffet. Craig went straight for the samosas and Alanna went for the curried chicken. I tried a dosa which is curried potato in something like a crepe with four different sauces – mint, coconut, tomato and masala. Excellent!

Spent much of the day at the pool and then later in the day went out for a walk. Quickly found out that it’s a really busy street with no sidewalks so hopped in an auto rickshaw. The kids thought that was pretty fun at first but after a while the heat and pollution changed their minds. I loved it though, weaving in and out of traffic, the horns, the sites and sounds.

We weren’t really sure where we were going as we don’t have a good map. Wanted to go to MG Road where there are supposed to be a lot of little shops. Got out and didn’t look like much. Craig was hot and exhausted so we went into one air conditioned shop. Had to go through a security scanner and when we came out Alanna beeped. They took everything out of her pockets and couldn’t figure out why she beeped so they wanted her to go somewhere with this lady. We didn’t like that so suggested they scan her shoes. She took them off and handed them to the woman who then looked disgusted and waved us off. Alanna was a bit upset with that. So we just hopped into another rickshaw and back to the hotel.

Yesterday, got picked up at 9:00a.m. by Garish to go to visit a school that the kids might go to. Had a good talk and a tour of the school. Nice facilities. Then went to one of the expat housing areas to check out a house of someone who works at Michael’s company. It was nice, big rooms and a nice little garden area. It has a lovely clubhouse with a pool, workout room etc.

Today went to two other schools, both quite acceptable but further away from Michael’s work and the areas that we were planning to live. So may have to rethink location of housing and check out different areas to live.

Lots of interesting sights as we are driving around – cows with colored horns, people carrying enormous loads on their heads, palm trees, lovely blooming trees – purples and reds, and so much more!


One thought on “First Days in Bangalore

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