Buying a Salwar Kameez

Michael worked yesterday. The kids and I went to Naina Saree’s which is just across the street. Crossing the street is a feat in itself – we have devised a plan to get across, waiting for traffic to stop at the light and pile up down the street. Then we run for it, weaving in and out between buses, trucks, motorbikes, cars and auto rickshaws. Once we get to the midway point we wait for a local person to cross and follow them through the oncoming traffic. Then, once we get to the other side we high five, happy to have made it across alive.
Talk about service! We walked into the saree shop and were greeted by at least twenty five girls in sarees. First we were whisked to the girls section and offered a seat on a sofa and “welcome drinks.” Refused the drinks of course as we didn’t know what was in it, but sat on the sofa. The girls proceeded to show us a huge selection of salwar kameez (traditional long top and trouser with a scarf). They laid them all out on a table and then Alanna tried on a few. She chose a pretty cream and orange one and left wearing it. Then I tried on a few different styles and chose one as well. Even Craig got in on it and chose a beautiful long sleeved cotton top.
The salwar kameez that we chose are casual and we will blend in more when walking down the street. Would have loved to have bought one of the beautiful silk ones with gorgeous designs and detailing but not so good for walking around town which is what we wanted it for.
Most Indian women wear sarees or salwar kameez. We’ve seen very few in western clothes so we will feel comfortable wearing these. Mind you the trousers that came with mine are hilarious – Michael had a good laugh. They are tight from the knee down, but what you don’t see is how they balloon out at the top – they are massive through the upper leg and waist. Luckily there is a drawstring to tighten it up. Very comfy but not so attractive, luckily the top covers it up!

One thought on “Buying a Salwar Kameez

  1. Now that you have these exotic clothes, will you be able to wear them in BC (outside Surrey)?After eating the exotic foods hope Nicholas and Marquisa don’t lose their taste for maple syrup and prairie oysters.l g/p

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