My Thoughts

What are my thoughts on living in Bangalore, India for two years? Well, when we first started talking about this possibility it was last November. You have to understand Nov. in Vancouver. Think rain. Think grey. I envisioned myself in India lounging by a gorgeous pool (like this picture) with a full glass of something tasty in my hand. Heat, wonderful heat!

I soon thought I had better come down to reality. Some contacts from Michael’s work sent pictures but it was hard to get a sense of the area. The homes looked quite nice from the outside but no pictures of a pool. I heard there was a communal pool in the neighborhood but no picture – I decided it must be decrepid, probably not one to lounge around. Pictures of Bangalore were mostly of small temples, nothing too exciting.

Michael and I had been to India 18 years ago. We spent a month backpacking in Mumbai (Bombay at the time), Goa and Delhi. We were sick the whole time. Having just come from a camping safari in Africa, I’m pretty sure we picked up a few intestinal bugs which hit us (or exploded from us), as soon as we landed in India.

Yes, much of our time in India was spent lying in bed in backpacker hotels watching the ceiling fan go round and round. We each lost a lot of weight and of course our favorite diet plan became: “eat all you want, still loose weight in India!”

We would venture out once in a while and the things I remember most were the colonial style buildings in Mumbai, beggars, and rickshaw drivers who would follow you for miles hasseling you to pay for their services – even if you really did want to walk. Old Delhi was fascinating with all the little shops and comings and goings. The bus rides were long and the roads full of potholes. The overnight train from Mumbai to Delhi was great. Train was the way to go. However, we were so sick that we ended up cutting our trip short and going home to Vancouver for Christmas.

We never talked about going back to India. We discovered S.E. Asia and Nepal and never looked back. But then this opportunity came for Michael to take a job in Bangalore and for some reason it became appealing. I guess it could have been in Bangkok or Jakarta or somewhere smaller, and we would have jumped at it. Timing, I guess. The kids are at a good age – not yet into high school so it won’t disrupt their studies too much. As well they are old enough that they should remember the experience.

For Michael and I, I think it’s just time to travel and we feel very comfortable in Asia. The people, the interesting cultures, the wonderful flavors and fresh fruit. Palm trees and warm oceans and beautiful lush gardens. During our pre visit I just felt very “at home” there.
More thoughts to come…

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