Busy, Who Me?

Everyone keeps saying, “You must be so busy, you’re leaving in two months. You must have so much to do.” It’s true we do have a lot to do but we really haven’t done anything yet. Someone asked me a week ago if I’d started packing – ah, no I haven’t.

Last Friday I tried to contact three property managers re: renting out the house. Only one person got back to me (maybe the economy isn’t that bad). Even then, this person made an appointment, cancelled, rescheduled and then was late. Hey, when I clean my house – you better show up!

Anyway, this property manager seems excellent, very knowledgeable and concerned about screening clients etc. She seems confident that she can rent out the house at a good monthly rent. So I think we are on track with her but have to wait until after the long weekend to finalize things…because she’s gone to a Britney Spears concert in the USA…

Next, the work contract, which has been signed by Bangalore and Michael has not been signed off by HR here in Vancouver. The person has a few questions that she wants ironed out before signing. This means that we can’t apply for visa’s yet. They hadn’t even processed the Bangalore school fees yet because the contract wasn’t signed off. Luckily we were able to sort that out and have them send the school a deposit to hold the children’s spot. Hopefully the school receives it by next week.

I know HR has our best interests at heart but it would be nice to have the contract signed so we can get on with things. We’re just waiting for things to fall into place and then carry on with the next item on the “to do” list.


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