One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

On Friday I thought things were moving right along.

Thursday night we signed with a property manager to rent our house out for the two years that we will be gone. She was going to list it that night and get it on her website. She said she had some potential renters that she would probably bring by the next day.

Friday morning I went down to the Indian Consulate to get our visa’s. Took a little longer this time but it went quite smooth. They said our visa’s would be ready by Wed. Excellent, I thought I had finally accomplished something.

But, the property manager never came by, nor has she posted our house on the website (or anywhere that I know of). She has Monday’s off so hopefully I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Today the Indian consulate phoned Michael and they want to meet with him tomorrow. I should say, the Consul General (the head guy) wants to meet with him. So of course we are nervous now, why would they want to meet with him?

We never thought there would be a problem getting a visa. Just thought once the contract was signed at work that was what mattered most. Well, we’ll find out tomorrow what this is all about.


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