A Sigh of Relief

Michael just gave me a call after his meeting with the Consul General of India.

OK, here’s the reason he wanted to meet with Michael – he wanted to wish him well! I thought he was joking, I can’t believe it! Michael says he went into his office and the Consul General was interested in his work. He showed Michael his iPhone (Michael works for a cell phone company) and they talked about Bangalore and India and that was it – just shootin’ the breeze.

Honestly, I think I went through the five stages of grief in the last 24 hours: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Yes, by the time Michael went into the meeting I had resigned myself to the fact we might not be moving to India.

It is a gorgeous day today, warm and summer-like. I went out to do some gardening and had to admit that I can’t really complain if I have to stay here in Canada – one of the best places on earth. I started thinking about going back to work and all my options. Gosh, I had a whole other life planned out within about an hour: move to a smaller house, buy a condo at Whistler.

Then Michael phoned and brought me back to reality. I can’t believe the guy just wanted to chat – very nice of him and typical, wonderful Asian hospitality – but sure had us nervous for 24 hours.

So, we have our Indian visas and our passports back (saved me a trip downtown to pick them up). What a relief, book the plane tickets. We’re out of here in mid June!


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