Forty-Eight Days and Counting

The plane tickets are booked. We fly to London on June 13th and stay a couple of days. Then straight to Bangalore on Kingfisher Airlines. Last time we went on Lufthansa: Van-Frankfurt/Frankfurt-Bangalore but did it all at once. Ended up being almost 24hrs of travel time and was exhausting. So, we will stop to see the Queen for a couple days and rest up before the second leg. We’ll arrive in Bangalore June 18th.

The Indian consulate only gave us a one year visa which we will have to extend in Bangalore. We’ve since heard that it can be a hassle getting it extended. So now that Michael is buddies with the Consul General he is going to try to get him to give us a two year visa instead.

Our house is finally up on the website with the property manager so I am relieved about that. It ended up taking over a week and still haven’t heard anything from her. Now that the pictures and description are up, I hope that she will have some queries and showings soon.

We’ve booked the movers for a few days before we leave. And the Air Shipment company is sending someone out next week to see what we are planning to take. Hmm, better get on that and decide. What can we fit in six cubic meters? Went through our clothes, kitchenware etc. and have Big Brothers coming to pick up a lot of things this week. It’s good to purge and give away unnecessary items.

Ironically, our biggest concern at the moment is Mexico and the Swine Flu. We are supposed to go to my nieces wedding at a Mexican resort in a couple weeks. Since we are going through London to India we have to see how they are treating people who have been in Mexico. India is already pulling all Canadians aside upon arrival at the airport to check temperatures, signs and symptoms. The UK has a travel advisory against travelling to the US and Mexico. Will have to keep posted, the main concern of course is getting to India without incident.


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