To Do Lists

I’ve packed four boxes to put into storage! Well, it’s a start. The “to do” list is piling up, there’s always something “move” related to do these days.

I terminated the contract with the property manager. Top priority is to get another one, a good one, but there isn’t much of a choice. Very few companies do property management and of those that do, few return phone calls. Interviewed one yesterday which may be a possibility but don’t want to jump right in. I want to make a good decision.

The air shipment company sent someone out yesterday to see what we wanted to take with us. A bit of a waste of time considering we are only allowed 6 cubic meters. So it’s mostly just small kitchen stuff, cutlery and pots and pans. Mind you after walking around the house we did have a list a page and a half long. First on the list for me was the Bialetti – my stove top coffee maker! Alanna has 50 books on the list and says she will forego clothes in order to bring them. Actually, I think she said she would forego going if she couldn’t bring them. Craig wants to bring medals and a picture of where our (1st) dead fish is buried. Michael – must have hockey sticks for road hockey and if there’s room – a hockey net. We are Canadian!

Got another list from the real estate agent in Bangalore of houses available in the area we like. Looks like two may be possibilities so asked him to send pictures. Also looking at temporary accommodation when we first get there. Will probably stay in an apartment for a few weeks
until we get furniture and a house.

Today off to the travel clinic to see if there’s anymore vaccinations that we need. Trying to stay on top of things and get things checked off the To Do list.


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