Reality Is Setting In

We are getting into the thick of things now. Sorting, packing, selling. With only four weeks to go so much has to be done in this small amount of time.

We finally signed with another Property Manager to rent out our house. The one I interviewed last week had too many fees so we found someone else…and now we wait.

Spent a lot of time on the computer this week filling out forms: medical forms for the kids for the Bangalore school; forms for the storage company; forms for the shipping company.

I can tell these last few weeks are going to be tough. My Dad is in the hospital and I hope that he is well before we go. I would hate to leave with him in bad health. Tonight Craig asked if we could go to India at the end of June so he could finish the school year. He seemed a little teary and I think it’s starting to become real for him. He sees taped up boxes around the house, and shelves being emptied out. Yesterday I emailed the principal and teachers to let them know that the kids would be leaving school two weeks early. It was a tough email to send – the kids have gone to that school right from the beginning and we have been involved with the school and the community for years.

As I packed boxes yesterday I couldn’t help but think, “What are we doing, why are we leaving?” It’s hard to look at the big picture now. Before I just thought about getting to Bangalore and all the reasons we wanted to go there – culture, travel, a different way of life. Right now it’s all about the present, making decisions and trying to get everything done in the next month. It’s all about physically doing, not just thinking about it. Reality is setting. I know will be a good thing, but this is going to be a tough month. We need to get through this part of the journey and move on “to the other side.”

2 thoughts on “Reality Is Setting In

  1. Aww Nancy, it is a tough thing. It was infinitely easier for us because we were going to be closer to our families, not farther away. Hang in there. It will get easier when you get to the other side.

  2. No worries, I think I’m already over it:)
    I’m really excited about the move and the adventure of it all. Just a busy time organizing everything right now. Once we get on the plane – we can relax!

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