Picture Perfect in Sunny White Rock

We just had the best weekend of the year here in sunny White Rock. Warm evenings were spent in the backyard visiting with friends and family. Fish and chips down by the ocean and a last dip in the Pacific Ocean for the kids. The sunset, the mountains, the ocean – one would wonder why we would leave such a beautiful place for two years? But I didn’t have a sense of melancholy like I thought I would. I was in the moment and grateful for the wonderful weekend we had.

I stood on the beach with the children playing in the sand and chasing each other as the sun went down. I realized that this exact situation will be replayed in India. The ocean won’t be just down the road, but perhaps an overnight train ride away. We’ll watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean or the Arabian Sea and the children will play in the warm, salty water, as they did here last night.

Everything we do now registers as “the last time.” The last piano lesson, the last choir practice, the last time we’ll see so-and-so. But it’s not forever. If I think about what I was doing two years ago, it doesn’t seem that long ago. There may be times in India where it will feel like time is standing still. But I think for the most part we will take advantage of every opportunity to explore, travel and enjoy…because in only two years we’ll be back.


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