My back is twisted into tiny knots, the likes of which Evil Knieval himself could not undo. This is it, stress has set in. I knew I should have said no to Alanna’s track meet today, but you feel quilty. It took up half the day and tonight is her dance recital – three hours! Hours of driving and then sitting and getting nothing accomplished. Mom and Dad are coming to stay with us for the weekend, my brother comes in tomorrow night and we have a wedding to go to Saturday.

Yes, it’s all getting to be a bit much. It really hit me today.

On the up side our house is rented out for a year to a family. And we decided on a house in Bangalore. It is the house that we saw when we visited in March. People from Michael’s company are moving out on July 14th and we will move in a week later after painting, pest control (very important), and cleaning. We got an email today from the people who live there asking if we would like to hire their gardener – for $30/month! Well, I love to garden but how do you say no to $30/month?


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