Time Well Spent With Family

The weekend is over, the stress about having to entertain and take time out of our busy schedule to go to the wedding was all for naught. In fact having family here and going to the wedding was the best destresser. What was I thinking? Worrying about entertaining my parents and brother? My parents are the kind of people that jump right in and say, “What can I do?” By the time the first day was over they had helped me pack, washed windows, and made lemon meringue pie!

The wedding was a great way to see everyone from my side of the family together, dancing and enjoying themselves. And my brother is easy to have as a guest – pizza and beer and chatting in the back yard. Time well spent!

We sold both vehicles this weekend so have to rent a car for the week. Good to get that out of the way and get some cash. Moving and storage costs will start to mount up soon, not to mention that dreaded property tax and mortgage payments that we have to be prepared for until we get bank accounts set up and are able to transfer money here from Bangalore.

Today the air shipment people come. It will be nice to have them pack up all the stuff we are sending to Bangalore. Mind you, we’ll see if they are able to fit everything in that we want to take. Still lots to do around here. Just have today and tomorrow to finish packing up everthing for storage. Then cleaning and gardening to have the house ready for the renters.


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