A Week with the T’s (Part Two)

The day after Dasara, Lynn and Taras toured the palace and the four of us went to the Deveraja Market in Mysore. This is probably the best market I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous displays of flowers, fruits, veggies, incense, colored paints piled high and so much more. It’s almost like a big department store: an aisle for housewares; another for bananas or garlic; men sit and string flowers for garlands in another section. And the deliveries coming and going – guys with 100 lbs of bananas on their backs. The market is big and colorful and clean.

Alanna and I met up with Lynn and Taras and we were off to a Mysore silk shop to try on sarees. It was fun to see the colors and fabrics and have them draped on Lynn and I, while Alanna and Taras took photos and drank the “best tea ever.” We both bought sarees for our big evening out later in the month.

Now I just have to practice draping the saree and wear it around to get used to it. I’d hate for it to unravel at an inopportune moment. For anyone wanting to learn or just have a good laugh here is a great video on “how to wear a saree.”:


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