Time Stands Still

The apparant lack of seasons is an interesting thing. Late October in Vancouver, Canada means the leaves have changed color and are falling from the trees. The weather is turning cool and rainy. Summer clothes are regretfully put away, as long sleeve shirts and winter jackets are brought out. Flower baskets and gardens are cleaned out, not to be seen again until spring.

Here in Bangalore I open the curtains and walk outside to blue skies and sun. The monsoons have gone – what little there was of them – and the skies have cleared. The temperature has not changed. It’s a steady 28-30 degrees and not much cooler at night.

It is strange to think it is Halloween in less than a week and Christmas just a couple months away. I didn’t realize how little the calendar links me to these events – moreso, the seasons. The calendar says it is October but it doesn’t register.

Warm weather indicates summer to me. Here, flowers and trees continue to bloom and I sit outside and have my coffee each morning – bliss. How can Christmas be just around the corner without the potential for snow and scarves and mittens? It doesn’t make sense. For me, without seasons, time stands still.


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