Oh Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree has arrived! I really didn’t know what kind of tree we would have this year – a fake tree, a palm tree, a Charlie Brown tree? Had to do some hard bargaining but in the end I’m happy with what I got.
Last week I went to a nursery and looked at trees. Found one I liked but the woman had the nerve to tell me it was 3000 Rp ($70 Can.). I was not impressed at all. I told her that was ridiculous and that I would pay 600 Rp ($13) which I think is quite reasonable. She came down to 2000Rp and then I just walked away.
So today a friend and I went to two other places. The first wouldn’t go lower than 1500 Rp but the second came down from 1200 Rp to 800 Rp pretty quick. Add another 180 Rp for a pot and 150 Rp each for delivery and it came to a grand total of $25 Can. I was happy with that, considering I’ll have it for two Christmas’s.
The best part about the day was walking around the nursery – it’s huge – with all sorts of flowering plants, bushes and trees. I even bought two massive poinsettias to put outside the front door ($5 each). Having flowers all year round is definitely one of the best things about living in this climate.

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