My Reality

Back in Bangalore after two weeks in Rajasthan. We only had one day of rest before school started up again so it’s back to reality pretty quick. Reality is a little different here though, compared to Canada. Instead of getting back to the cold and the rain, it was back to the warmth and ordering cool vanilla milkshakes around the pool yesterday.

Today, however my reality started with a loud, piercing noise coming from a little room downstairs where the backup electrical system is kept. When it gives off it’s shrill noise I know that the battery is running low and sure enough, just after I woke Craig up for school, the lights fickered and went out completely.

I decided to get everyone out of the house, to school and work and then deal with it. Why did I promise the kids eggs today? Back to feeling like I am camping over the gas stove in the dim light. Sent them on their way and luckily I have the complex’s maintainance number in my mobile.

I explained that I didn’t have any electrictiy and I was shocked to hear what he said next, “I’ll send someone right over.” And then guess what? Literally ten seconds later the electricity came on. Had he just been sitting there waiting for me to call? Strange.

About ten minutes later a guy in a blue jumpsuit, holding one screwdriver came to the door. Somehow I communicated that the backup system had kicked in but the main electricity still wasn’t working. He walked down the street and back and voila! everything was back on.

It’s only 8:30am right now, everything seems to be working, the house is quiet. I’m just glad I didn’t have to call in the guys in the red jumpsuits. Off to make coffee and check out the garden. I’ll tell you all about Rajasthan soon.


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