Update on Life in India

Where to start? The Olympics are over so I have a lot more time…to sleep. I fell down the marble stairs just before the GOLD medal hockey game. It was 1:45a.m. our time. I dropped the laptop and fell back right onto my elbows. Although I am bruised and sore, the laptop is fine and I did make it to the couch in time for the opening face off.

I started doing yoga and I really like it. It is excellent for balance and toning up the muscles. My instructor is Israeli – which is kind of weird since I’m in India – but she is good and tough. Never say “I can’t” and don’t admit that you do other sports or go to the gym – she only believes in yoga. Only four to a class and it’s in her home, which is close to mine so it is convenient – especially since class starts at 8:00am!

I continue to write articles for the OWC Rangoli magazine every month. Usually I write one travel article and one article on a OWC social event and provide photos as well.

OWC Charity work has kept me busy since the new year. We have been accepting grant applications from our 28 charities. The committe reviews each application and decides if we can fund everything they have asked for, or a portion. We are very thorough and make sure all money given out is for legitimate needs. Next week we go before the OWC Executive Committee with our recommendations and hopefully everything is approved. Then, by the end of the month we will deliver cheques to each charity.

My brother Steve visited India for three weeks. It is sure nice to have people visit us. Bangalore is not the most eventful place for visitors but I think he got a taste of India and liked it. We walked around our neighbourhood and came upon a wedding at the local temple one night. He and Michael went for bike rides through the villages and out to the farm land. We went down to Commercial Street of course. We went to an area that I hadn’t been to before – very Muslim where there were not only sari bazaars but Burka bazaars.

Steve and I went to Sai Babas ashram just to look around. Baba was not there, he was still at his main ashram in Brindavana. There was a man in the book store who was so adamant that Steve go visit Sai Baba in Brindavana, even though Steve was leaving India the next night. The guy kept saying, “Go now, get a taxi, you’ll be there in six hours. You’ll see Sai Baba in the morning and come back in time for your flight.” He was serious. I think if I was Steve I would have gone, it was like he had some inner knowledge.

Steve and I went to Nrityagram dance village and even to an OWC cooking class at an Italian restaurant. Please, please if you see Steve ask him to make Hot Chocolate Souffle – he’s got the recipe and he even took notes during the class. I’m sure he can’t wait to make it!

The kids are doing well at school. Alanna has been horseback riding at school three times a week since Jan. and she loves it. Her school had an evening of music and dance and she performed with her ballet group. She is working on a play and she’s made some good friends. Alanna seems to be adjusting better – although she won’t admit it. She still misses her friends back home of course but she is doing well at school and keeping her marks up.

Craig is still enjoying going out to play with his friends. They like to bike or play tag or basketball. He is enjoying basketball at school as well as karate and other sports. Craig went on a two night/three day leadership camp with school and Alanna goes next week – Sunday to Saturday. She says she’s not looking forward to it, but she’s already packing.

Michael is busy at work, and enjoys biking around the area. He’ll be travelling a bit more before we head to the Andaman Islands for spring break. We all enjoy the pool, especially now that summer is here and it is so hot. Fans and A/C are getting used a lot more nowadays.

So, everyone is busy in their own way and always a little more settled and feeling a little more normal here in India. The traffic doesn’t seem as bad, the grocery shopping easier, the food is good and weather – couldn’t be better!


2 thoughts on “Update on Life in India

  1. Thanks for your blog, and for sharing that an expat can survive 2 years and come out of it the better!

    I'd be interested to learn about the yoga classes you attended since I've been warned against attending just any classes which are often run by men trying to cop a feel, apparently, yikes! If you could, would you mind sharing the name if she's in South B'lore (I'm in Jayanagar)?

    Thanks, and good luck with your “new life” 🙂


  2. My yoga teacher was an expat Iyengar yoga teacher. Unfortunately she has also moved on and is not living in Bangalore anymore either. My experience since moving back to Vancouver is that Iyengar teachers are well trained and excellent teachers. The Iyengar website lists teachers in any country so you may be lucky to find one in Jayanagar through their website. Alternatively, if you are a member of the OWC they have a yoga club which may be able to find you a yoga teacher.Good luck!

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