Happy Easter

Happy Easter to All! We got up early and went for 7:00am mass at the local church. The church was full and it was a nice 1hr mass. They have a small choir and the priest speaks English well. It is a fairly simple church but colorful, especially with all the ladies wearing their colorful saris.

Came home and had one of my favorite breakfasts – fresh coffee and a fresh croissant. Michael bought the Italian Roast Starbucks in Beijing and I must say it is one of their better ones. We have the fresh croissants delivered from Chez Mariannick.

Then unfortunately Alanna and I were off to RxDx, the health clinic to see the Doctor. Alanna has an ear infection from all that wave jumping in the Andaman Islands. I have a slight fracture in my 4th and 5th fingers from a little accident I had when building with Habitat for Humanity. Alanna is now taking antibiotics and ear drops. I have to go back tomorrow to see a specialist.

RxDx is close to where we live and has a good reputation. It is clean, proffessional and they were quick to see us. The cost for the initial visit was 300Rp ($6.50 Can.). My xray which was done right away (and I keep it) was 250 Rp and Alanna’s prescriptions 250Rp. A grand total of about $17 Can.

We were planning to go to Olive Beach for brunch but it’s a bit far away with Alanna not feeling well. So we will go to Toscanos for their brunch.

Happy Easter, we are thinking of all our family and friends back home. I’ll post soon about our Andaman trip!


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