Andaman Islands (Part 6): Port Blair

We left Havelock on the 2:00pm ferry. This time we specified that we wanted seats on the upper deck and all together. Last time our seats were all over the place although we managed to find some close together. In hindsight we should have taken the newer catamaran which is a comfortable one hour trip vs the two-hour older ferry.Arrived in Port Blair and stayed overnight at TSG Emerald View Hotel. It’s a 2 1/2 star hotel and it felt clean and luxurious compared to Barefoot at Havelock. We had an excellent meal at the hotel restaurant, including huge tiger prawns, Chinese chili chicken and more at very reasonable prices.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the sound and light show at the Andaman Cellular Jail and in the morning when we went there hoping to tour it, it was closed for Good Friday.

Port Blair was stinking hot and humid. The kids went back to the room and Michael and I went for a walk through the town. Very pleasant little town, lots of little shops, temples and quaint cottage style houses painted in blues and greens. Lot of trees and statues as well.

Off to the airport to catch our Kingfisher flight to Chennai and once we got there we were told that our next flight, Chennai – Bangalore had been cancelled. We would have to wait there for six hours for the next one at 8:30pm. Not too happy about that so when we got to Chennai we went to book in and asked if there was any other flight that we could take. Much to our relief Kingfisher put us on a Jet Airways flight that left at 5:30pm. So kudos to Kingfisher, I was impressed with that. But I must say the Jet Airways plane was much nicer and took only 40 min. vs one hour.


One thought on “Andaman Islands (Part 6): Port Blair

  1. In Port Blair you should have stayed at Sinclairs Bayview. It is a very good hotel with amazing view of the sea. I stayed there and enjoyed the sea thoroughly. There is a deck right on the sea and you can walk down to the place from a staircase in the hotel lawn.

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