It’s That Time of Year

Once again this time is year is the strangest time for me. Friends and family back in Canada are getting used to fall (it’s a season) and enjoying the changing colors of the leaves. Monday is November which brings the eternal rains or even snow. Everytime I see the date – Sept., Oct., Nov. – I can’t believe it. How can it be “fall” when it’s so warm and I’m still wearing summer clothes?

Here in Bangalore the flowers in our back yard are blooming with a vengeance. I love the hit of sun and warmth every morning on my way to yoga. I love walking outside at anytime, day or night in a summer top or wearing a summer dress around the house. The pool beckons.

But there is no fall. No fall colors, no fall clothes. There’s nothing that says the year is moving along – maybe that’s why people here just take everything day by day. When there is no fall, there will be no winter either. It is so ingrained in me that when I look at the date I just can’t believe it. I look outside, I look at the fans whirling, I feel the A/C cooling. It is the strangest time of the year yet I will relish it and be thankful for it because next year will be a different story altogether.


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