Home for the Holidays

India is about half way around the world to Vancouver. We’ve gone west through London and Frankfurt and east through Hong Kong and any which way it takes about 24 hours including stopovers.

This time we did the five hour flight from Bangalore to Hong Kong and had a six hour stopover in the airport before the next leg to Vancouver. I must say being in that airport was like stepping onto another planet. Maybe I should rephrase that – India feels like another planet. I’m sure I’ve said this many times but there is no place like India. It is it’s own world of traditions and festivals and chaos and splendour. Hong Kong airport is full of food, fashion and choices galore – all in one little place.

The next leg to Vancouver took 12 hours and we were able to catch up on a few movies. Overall it was a good flight but good to get onto Canadian soil and we were shocked as we flew into Vancouver to see the sun – ok it was only for about five minutes but it was nice. The weather is cloudy and 6 celcius and it doesn’t feel as cold as I thought it would.

We were over at Lynn’s for dinner last night – great to see everyone there and then Mom and Dad dropped by today on their way back to Victoria. Decorated the Christmas tree at Michael’s Dads today and put up a few decorations. Started in on the rum and eggnogs and looking forward to all the friends and family and traditions over the next couple weeks.


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