Reality Check – Not Everyone is Corrupt in India

My last post was all about corruption. But then I spent 3 1/2 hours at a charity meeting – discussing ways to fund 25 charities where it is clear that the people running them give, give, give. Give of their time and give of their money. They really devote their entire lives to whatever their cause is – whether it be sending slum children to school, picking vagrant women up off the street, or integrating blind children into the mainstream. Too many causes to list and there are millions in India alone who have started charities like these. So, where there is corruption there is also good.

India must balance out the corruptors and the givers…and then good must overtake evil…sounds like a superhero is needed to make this country work!


4 thoughts on “Reality Check – Not Everyone is Corrupt in India

  1. One of the bollywood actors (Akshay Kumar), has recently said – If you want to see heaven on earth, you must visit Canada. So when you are back in Canada as mentioned in your previous blogs, you must rejoice it!

  2. Akshay Kumar is a smart guy! Canada is beautiful, there's no doubt about it – from the oceans to the mountains to the prairies. But this time in India for me is incredible too. I am happy to be here to experience and learn everything I can.

  3. well me personally being indian, having spent 5 years in the UK and back in Hyderabad, cannot see any sanity in india.

    The traffic, the way they drive on the roads, looks like the country is headed for a disaster, disaster is only waiting to happen on indian roads.

    Maybe Iam over reacting, maybe it is just my perspective, but nevertheless, India is a disaster in my eyes, unless people start waking up to the reality!

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    You bring up a curious thing and many people ask this – why do Indian people return to India after going to school/working abroad? In other words once you've had a chance to experience something other than the “disaster” that you describe why do so many people return? I believe it is simple – home is where the heart is. Am I right or is it something else?

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