In keeping with the corruption theme…woke up Sat. morning to find out that Bangalore, and the whole state of Karnataka was closed down due to political upheaval and an imposed Bandh. The governor has sanctioned the BJP chief minister’s prosecution on corruption charges. BJP activivists in return staged demonstrations in Bangalore on Sat.

A few buses were pelted with stones, two lorries were burnt and some shops vandalized. It was an inconvenience as all stores and schools had to be closed. Buses and taxis stopped running.  I didn’t know anything about it until 10:00am when I got a text from my driver saying he couldn’t come because buses weren’t running due to the bandh. At first I wondered what a bandh was – maybe just a spelling mistake. But then I saw the newspaper headline -” BANDH” – and figured out the city was closed down.

Not a big deal for me, we just stayed home – even the mall was closed apparently! But today (Sun.) it looks like the bandh is continuing until tonight. Not so good as I have to go to the airport to pick up a friend at 2:00am, plus I need to stock up the fridge. Not good to have an empty fridge when someone is coming all the way from Canada to visit.

Hopefully my driver gets here this morning and hopefully stores around here are open. Actually he has no choice, he has to get here somehow because he also has to pick up Michael this afternoon in S. Bangalore. These closures happen suddenly and really can throw the general public for a loop.

No problem today after all. My driver got here in the morning and I got the grocery shopping done. Mind you I’ve never seen so many people at Hypercity – I couldn’t even push my cart into the fruit and veg section – it was packed. Bala Krishna picked up Michael this afternoon and I’ll be off to the airport to pick up Gail in a few hours.


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