Social Networking

Last night I posted that I was going to pick up Gail at the airport at 2:00am. Right after that I checked Facebook and had a message from Gail:

“I am  #@*#  STRANDED in Frankfurt! Will be…arriving a day later, tried to call you but no answer. Now no cell reception…URGH!”

She was still on Facebook so we could chat and she told me to check my email which explained everything:

“I am stuck in FRANKFURT overnight. It looked like it was a terrorist attack happening at the end of the row from some guy that looked like his name was el habbi with some unrecognizable passport.

It turned out to be some kind of seizure or fit or stroke of some kind. We were already over the frozen tundra and had to re-route back to Edmonton (1 hour) plus refuel, plus hasmat team so all flights to India were missed by 4 hours. I am sure it was the food that put him into shock! So new flight info is…
The good thing is I will get over my jet lag here. I have been kindly put up in some kind of concentration camp and of course internet and addaptor are not covered by the airline. However bought red wine at the airport for 2.49 per bottle/california zin. So email me back to let me know you got this. It was snowing when I arrived…so much for booking the fastest routing!

Back on Facebook she summed it all up:
“I didn’t think the chaos would begin till I touched down in India! Silly me!”


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