Lal Bagh Park Flower Show

Gail arrived from Canada and yesterday we went to the Lal Bagh Park for their biannual flower show. I hadn’t been there before so it was a treat to go – the park is lovely and clean with nice winding pathways and big trees. We even spotted two garbage cans and a spit container.
It was the last day of the flower show and thousands of people showed up along with us. There was a long line up to get into the ‘piece de resistance,’ the Glass House, which held the majority of the flower displays. We debated whether we wanted to join the masses and sure enough we did.
The line up went quickly and soon enough we were inside enjoying the colors and displays. The two big displays were of India Gate (I think) and the new Bangalore Metro – each made out of flowers.

The displays were beautiful but the biggest draw of the day turned out to be Gail, in her red and white capris, vintage looking sunglasses and sunhat. The locals targeted her and she was photographed more than the most exotic flowers of the show. She even got asked to pose with people’s babies.

It was a very pleasant day, mingling with the locals, and enjoying the fresh air and flowers – a beautiful part of Bangalore.


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