What Else Has Been Going On?

So much going on in the last few weeks.

Michael and I went to an excellent French wine dinner at Caperberry a few weeks ago. Master Sommelier Franck Chausse made it a very enjoyable evening discussing and tasting French wine with us. Chef Abhijit Saha paired the wines with a wonderful meal. Not quite enough wine – everyone would have liked seconds – but nice to taste French wines for a change.

Michael went to AyurvedaGram Health Resort last weekend. I had won a two nights stay, plus two treatments (for one person) – so I gave it to Michael and I was going to join him the second night. It started off well – the grounds, the food and the first ayurvedic massage were good, he said. But that night I got a text:

10:30am: “Don’t want to freak you out but there are rats here! It chomped on the soap bar and left poo pellets around the outside bathroom. Not pleasant! Might have to rethink our plans for tomorrow.”
12:15am: “This is ridiculous. It is so loud on the top of the roof. I might phone reception to switch rooms!”
12:20am: “Oh, and here comes back the mosquito. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”
7:09am: “A restless sleep but I survived. My worry of having rats fall from the rafters onto my head never happened. Still i am going home today. That was crazy! And that darn mosquito was still there in the morning.”

Michael came home in the afternoon and we ended up going to Chez Mariannick’s one year anniversary party and having a blast – dancing to real music with strobelights and alcohol – past midnight which is illegal here in Bangalore I think. Sure enough after we left the police came by and shut the party down.

What else? The charity team has been working hard and we had a long meeting yesterday to finalize our recommendations for funding allocations for the year. Monday we present our recommendations to the Executive Committee and trustees.

I have another photocompetition this weekend which requires a lot of work going through the photos, narrowing them down to the best six, and going to the photoshop a few times to get them printed out properly.

Alanna got her braces off and she is very happy and her teeth look lovely. Craig had his 12th birthday – quite low key, we went out to Toscanos for his favorite salmon pesto pizza and got a cake from Bliss. Midterms just finished and went well, one more set of final exams and then we will be done with that school!

Still lots more to blog about – The Art of Living, and The Meditation Pyramid, and my adventures cooking Indian food at hom – but I think they will require posts of there own.


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