Veg or Non Veg?

A funny thing happened within the last few months – I stopped eating meat! I know shocking isn’t it? I can’t explain it, it just kind of happened. It could have been many things:

  • the sight and smell of carcasses hanging in the shops and markets.
  • signs around town with pictures of animals saying, “don’t kill me.”
  • graphic signs at cafeteria at Meditation Pyramid saying “don’t murder animals” and “stop eating flesh.”
  • Judy at cooking class in Goa calling meat flesh, “bring me the flesh,” “let’s cook the flesh.”
  • yoga book stating unhealthy to eat meat.

Yes it could have been many things but it just happened and now I’m trying to be creative or just eliminate meat from our usual meals. Veg lasagna, veg chili, veg burgers (!!). Some dishes I’ll still cook the “flesh” for everyone else and just leave it out of my meal – veg enchiladas, chicken salad – and just add more veg. And I am still eating seafood, milk, and eggs…just no meat.

I’ve ordered special meals for the plane (I’m special!): I think it’s “lacto ovo veg.” There are so many options on the plane. “Hindu veg,” “Jain veg” and I think there was a “lacto, ovo, seafood veg” option too…

In India it is so easy to be vegetarian. Many restaurants are strictly veg and almost all others will have a veg menu and a non veg menu. The question is will this last once I get back to Canada? Most people we know are serious carnivores, it could be difficult.


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