On Becoming a Writer

When Did I Know I Wanted to be a Writer?

Probably in fourth grade when I had to write a story. The teacher gave us the first sentence: “I was walking through the forest when I found a mysterious trunk….” I don’t remember what I wrote next,but I do remember the excitement and feeling of freedom I got, being able to write whatever I wanted.

When Did I Become a Writer?

Not until after I got a real job. First, I worked as an Operating Room Nurse. Then I got Meniere’s disease (more on that another time), and then I stopped working. Only then did I become a writer.

How Did I Become a Writer?

It was my Life Coach/Wellness Consultant, Susan (not Sue or Susie), who set me on the right path. I thought I could do some sort of computer work from home, but she pointed out that I had no computer skills. Susan asked, “Have you ever thought about writing?” And I said, “Uh, yeah, like forever (like since I was in fourth grade and wrote about a mysterious trunk).” And so I became a writer.

What Makes Me Think I’m a Writer?

I write morning, noon and night.

Susan (not Sue or Susie) said the real money was in Harlequin Romances, but I just didn’t see that happening. I signed up for writing courses and wrote magazine articles instead.  Then I moved to India for two years along with my husband and two kids. I thought I’d have lots of time to write a book – that’s what I really wanted to do – but I got too busy “experiencing India.” I kept writing though. I started a blog (Nancy’s India Blog), and wrote articles for a magazine called The Rangoli.

When did I Start Writing a Book?

It wasn’t until a month before we left India, that I started to compile every bit of information that I had: emails, Facebook status updates, my blog, conversations that I had written down (to be used in a book someday) and every other interesting and funny thing that happened to me in India. And I’ve been writing ever since. In fact, anyone I used to be friends with – even family, for that matter – can attest to the fact that I haven’t come out of my writing cave for a long time.

What am I Blogging About This Time?

This time I’ll be blogging about writing: what I’m writing, writing tips, the ups and downs of writing, and lots more.


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