Surrey International Writers’ Conference

“Leave your audience richer. A good book can take you anywhere imaginable through the vividness of another person’s eyes.” Anne Perry, Author

I jotted that quote down a few years ago, when Anne Perry gave one of the keynote speeches at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. That’s how I want my readers to feel when they read my book.

Four years ago when I attended the conference, I wasn’t writing a book. I was just starting to write magazine articles and felt a bit like a fish out of water. Last year, I thought about attending, but I felt like my book was too raw. I wanted to wait until I had material worth sharing.

This year I’ve registered – the three-day conference is in October – and I am looking forward to both learning and networking. There are a respectable list of authors, agents and editors, presenting a variety of workshops on everything from writing tight dialogue to character development to social medial and self-promotion. Plus, attendees get a ten-minute opportunity to pitch their work to an agent and another fifteen minutes to have a professional review three pages of their best work. I am determined to take advantage of both of those sessions.

Besides the workshops and the networking, there are keynote speakers, evening banquets and a writing contest, which I have yet to decide if I am going to enter. My priority is to fine-tune my book, especially the all-important beginning and get some real feedback on it.

Most importantly I’m looking forward to meeting and being around like-minded people – feeding off their energy and learning from them – and making some great connections. To learn more about the Surrey International Writers’ Conference go to


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