Happy to be Shortlisted!

I am very pleased that my short story, Crossing Mahatma Gandhi, was shortlisted for the Storyteller’s Award at the 2013 Surrey International Writers’ Conference.

When I registered for the conference in June, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enter the writing contest, but I am glad I took time to write the story and I have to admit it was fun to write fiction for a change, to make something up and run with it.

It’s also nice to think that the judges, two such established authors as Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte, read through the pages of my work and thought it good enough to be shortlisted. I did have a chance to talk to Jack who told me (in his wonderful Scottish brogue) that he “really, really liked the story” and passed on some words of wisdom.

I’ve since had the pleasure of reading the winning stories by Jennifer Manuel and Elizabeth Houlton Schofield and congratulate both. True storytellers, their winning tales are intriguing, vivid, compassionate and thoroughly entertaining. I am definitely inspired!


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