December Update


I am writing. My book is still untitled, but coming ever-closer to THE END. Since I began writing a couple of years ago, I’ve pounded out more than 100,000 words. Now, as I revise and rewrite a second and third draft, I know that a good chunk of that hard work will not end up in the book. But I had to write it all down. I had to go through the process.

I have agonized over the beginning of the book and I think I’ve finally decided what the first chapter will be and that’s actually a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT. Now I can work on putting the chapters in order, though I know I still have to work some things out with the story itself – the theme and the purpose – and weave it all together. And that is probably my biggest goal right now.

Social Media

Social Media is a love hate relationship. It  really sucks the life out of me. Strangely, I like it – maybe too much. Everyone says “you must have a platform” and yes, I think it’s probably true. But it’s time-consuming – blogging, tweeting, posting updates. It definitely takes time away from writing.


I am always learning about both writing and social media. I’ve always been an avid reader, but I’ve never really thought about how books are constructed. Where in the story does the book start? Is there backstory? What is the message or theme and how does the author make us care? So now I’m spending some time reading other books in my genre and dissecting them.  Grammar  and punctuation – writing well – is a big part of it, too, and I’m always checking the proper use of tense, apostrophes, italics, and well, just about everything.

The web plays a big part in learning. Jane Friedman’s is one of the few websites I read regularly for all things writing and publishing. And online writing groups are awesome. Ask a question day or night and it will be answered. Post work, have it critiqued, learn lots. Conferences and workshops are valuable too. The web is awesome but getting out and meeting real people is good for the soul.

I’ll keep you up to date on my writing, but let me know what’s new with you too. Also if you have any website recommendations – I’d love to hear about them. Happy Writing!


4 thoughts on “December Update

  1. Congrats on the ‘Huge Accomplishment’ – and it is an accomplishment. And I agree I think you did (everyone does I believe) need to get it all down in order to prune and shear and weed. [I won’t even talk about me and social media :-)]

  2. Glad to hear you have made so much progress! And as for Social Media… I love Twitter, but I am not it’s slave. Yes, we need a platform, but the writing must come first. I can’t wait for the day you post “The book is finished!” then “The book is published!”

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