A Strange Turn of Events

nurse with giant syringe


Up until about six weeks ago, I never thought I’d go back to nursing.  Not that I didn’t like it when I was one. It’s just that I was quite happy working on my writing full-time. So how does it happen that I am now two weeks into the nursing refresher course? It’s a strange turn of events, that’s for sure.

Out of the blue, I wondered how long I could be out of nursing and still go back. I found out it was ten years. What? I raced to find my records – nine years I’ve been out! After next year, I might not be able to nurse, even if I wanted to.

I like keeping my options open. What if I needed to work…and I couldn’t nurse? What if I wanted to go back to nursing and I couldn’t? What if, what if, what if. So I applied for my Registered Nurses registration and found out that I would still need to do a refresher course.  So I did it – I signed up to start in the fall.

The fall is months away. Lots of time to get used to the idea. And the course is a year, part-time – should be easy.

But then I got a call from the University saying they won’t be offering the course in the fall – but I could start right now! I got dizzy, I had to go lie down. What? For real?

And so I did all the paperwork – way too much paperwork – and started the course this week. I’m three weeks behind – the course started in the beginning of May.

I’ve gone from full-time writer to part-time student/part-time writer. That’s right. In case you were wondering – I will keep writing. I’ll figure it out, adapt to the change, create a balance. I’ll finish the novel and then, hmm, you know what they say – write what you know.  I see a medical thriller in my future.

So yeah, crazy things happen in life. But I kind of like crazy. I like learning, I like new things (even though this is a new old thing). I like twists and turns rather than straight. And so here we go. For the next year, I’ll be a student and a writer!




11 thoughts on “A Strange Turn of Events

      • Don’t forget Nanowrimo in November. You can throw in all your ideas plus the kitchen sinks. Could begin: “It was the best of kitchen sinks; it was the worst of kitchen sinks. Then your main character can say, ‘To wash dishes or not to wash dishes, that is the question.”

  1. Ahh, the great mystery is solved. Now I understand the reasoning behind your decision to go back to nursing. I am very glad to hear you will continue to pursue your writing career; you have a great talent.

  2. What a fabubous combo, Nancy! Both nursing and writing are lucky to have you in their ranks! Welcome back to this amazing profession!

  3. If there is something that I know about you Nancy is that you like adventure and challenge. Now you have both at once. You are such a pro that you will rise to the challenge and conquer it with ease.

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