Nancy in Kerala on a houseboatNancy Zrymiak was born in Victoria, Canada. She moved to Vancouver in her early twenties where she owned and operated a retail shop.  In her mid twenties she changed careers and became a Registered Nurse specializing in Operating Room Nursing.

From the time they met, Nancy and her husband Michael shared a love of traveling. They spent two years backpacking around Africa and Asia, including trekking to Everest Base Camp,  climbing volcanoes in Indonesia, and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

In their thirties, Nancy and Michael settled down in the suburbs of Vancouver and had two children. But when the routine of the burbs became a little too monotonous – carpooling, commuting and commercialism – they moved the family to Bangalore, for an adventure of a lifetime. While there, Nancy created and wrote her popular blog, Nancy’s India Blog. She wrote over thirty articles and published many photographs, including three cover shots, in The Rangoli magazine.

Nancy is writing a  travel memoir. Nancy, her husband and two children, leave behind the comforts of the Canadian cul-de-sac and move to Bangalore, India for two years. Her book is a vivid and humorous account of their time in India: the beauty, the culture, the people, the believable and the unbelievable.

Crossing Mahatma Gandhi, a short story by Nancy Zrymiak, was shortlisted for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2013 Storyteller’s Award (25 October 2013).



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