A Strange Turn of Events

nurse with giant syringe


Up until about six weeks ago, I never thought I’d go back to nursing.  Not that I didn’t like it when I was one. It’s just that I was quite happy working on my writing full-time. So how does it happen that I am now two weeks into the nursing refresher course? It’s a strange turn of events, that’s for sure.

Out of the blue, I wondered how long I could be out of nursing and still go back. I found out it was ten years. What? I raced to find my records – nine years I’ve been out! After next year, I might not be able to nurse, even if I wanted to.

I like keeping my options open. What if I needed to work…and I couldn’t nurse? What if I wanted to go back to nursing and I couldn’t? What if, what if, what if. So I applied for my Registered Nurses registration and found out that I would still need to do a refresher course.  So I did it – I signed up to start in the fall.

The fall is months away. Lots of time to get used to the idea. And the course is a year, part-time – should be easy.

But then I got a call from the University saying they won’t be offering the course in the fall – but I could start right now! I got dizzy, I had to go lie down. What? For real?

And so I did all the paperwork – way too much paperwork – and started the course this week. I’m three weeks behind – the course started in the beginning of May.

I’ve gone from full-time writer to part-time student/part-time writer. That’s right. In case you were wondering – I will keep writing. I’ll figure it out, adapt to the change, create a balance. I’ll finish the novel and then, hmm, you know what they say – write what you know.  I see a medical thriller in my future.

So yeah, crazy things happen in life. But I kind of like crazy. I like learning, I like new things (even though this is a new old thing). I like twists and turns rather than straight. And so here we go. For the next year, I’ll be a student and a writer!