The Bliss Point


In the food industry The Bliss Point is the perfect balance of sugar, fat and salt in processed foods – the ultimate taste that hooks consumers and keeps them wanting more.

A good writer creates a different kind of Bliss Point. It’s the perfect balance of imagery, dialogue, characterization, pacing, and plot  – the ultimate combination that hooks readers and keeps them turning the pages.


Scientists go to great lengths producing palatable foods that people will hunger for. Writers go to great lengths scrambling and unscrambling black specks on white paper. Revising. Rewriting.

Too much or too little brings about The Goldilocks Syndrome. Whether it is sugar or fat, description or dialogue. Too much or too little and the consumer will be unsatisfied or bored. A perfect balance is needed to bring fulfillment – it’s just right.

Of course, The Bliss Point created by the food industry is only a matter of taste. The effects? Short-lived with no benefits. It’s all a sham. On the other hand, The Bliss Point created by a writer educates and entertains, captivates and delights. The effects? Long-lasting with positive outcomes. It nourishes… for real.